3DS MAX FBX Rotation Problem

I’ve got a simple scene setup where I rotate 3D Objects in front of a camera by clicking on them and dragging them with a mouse. When importing non-animated 3DS Objects in, I can rotate the object by clicking on any part of it, and it will rotate. When importing in a FBX where the mesh is broken up into two separate objects, with one of them animating, the area that I have to click on to rotate the object is concentrated near the center of the object, and trying to click on the outer areas of the object to rotate has no effect. Is there a way to expand the “active” area so that I can click on any part of it, either before import or after? BTW these objects are not actually in the scene hierarchy, they are brought into the scene via a script.

From the sounds of it, you need to expand your collider to give you that larger “active” area. It should just be a matter of modifying your collider shape or creating a mesh in MAX to use as a collider.