3DS Max Model Import Problem

I craeate a character in 3ds, animated etc and follow the instruction of export via fbx.
when load in unity, the model is not very detailed and even i increase the Smoothing Angle to max, the head of the character still looks very square"is"
Pls advice anyone :slight_smile:


Try using different smoothing groups for different parts of geometry. First off, remove all smoothing from all faces. Next, for the face, start with the lips - select all the lower lip geometry, apply smoothing group 1. Select the upper lip geometry, apply smoothing group 2. See how they’re different? Now select any polygons where group 1 & group 2 meet, and apply smoothing group 3. Now those border polygons have group 1 & 3 or group 2 & 3, creating a bit of a blend. Repeat these steps across the entire model; don’t worry so much about the smoothing angle, instead, focus on creating groups of geometry where the smoothing is similar or contrasting - max’s autosmooth (where you’d use the smoothing angle) isn’t intelligent, it’s like painting a canvas with a single color.

as it is an animated character, i can not break it into object, that would screw up my skinning and rigging i believe.
can i increase the mesh resolution in unity ?


I wrote a long answer, but then i had to log in to be able to post, i did and it deleted my text…

well, watch the video, you do not have to break it into objects, you just change the smoothing groups of different polygons.

You’re not breaking up the object. You need to do this from inside 3dsmax, at the edit polygon / edit mesh level, and then at the edit face / edit poly sub object level. While this will change the way the file stores triangle data, it should be transparent to unity and result in smoothing groups assisting the geometry to describe curved surfaces.

Also, check this: