3ds max Morphed animation to unity not working


I created cartoony eyes and morphed then in 3ds max, so that he opens and closes his eyes. It also has a skin to it so that the entire set of eyes can be animated seperatly from the body etc.

However when I import the asset into Unity the morph is working poorly. Only one eye opens and closes the other keeps being closed…
I tried importing the eye that works (Excluding the one that doesn’t), however this resulted in the morph not working at all (eye keeps closed).

does anybody know why my morphs aren´t working properly?

In Max what does your modifier stack look like?

It should be

  • Skin
  • Morpher
  • Edit/editable Poly

If this is correct - is the eye that isn’t working a symmetry object or mirrored separate object possibly with a negative scale value? Right click on scale transform button in the menu bar to check. The scale values should read 100, 100, 100 – instead of any other value. -100, 100, 100 will require a reset xform.

I fixed it!
I opened the asset in Max2017 and exported it to unity. In unity it works fine now, seems like it was an issue within Max2015…