3Ds max ragdoll bones issue

This is honestly more of a question for the 3Ds max forums, but i’ve already asked about it there, and on Yahoo answers. I can’t seem to find an answer so i decided i would ask here as a last resort. Basically, i need to add bones to a really basic ragdoll so he will ragdoll properly, but for seem reason, i’m told to type a command into 3Ds max’s console called “rctmakeragdollUI()”.

I’ve tried endlessly to do this and it always returns “Type error: Call needs function or class, got: Undefined.”

I’m pretty desperate. I’m coming dangerously close to a deadline and i’m stuck now on this completely unexplained error. Everyone i’ve seen so far has used this command and it worked perfectly, but now I can’t and all my progress has been halted. Please, if you know anything about why this isn’t working, let me know. I know how this question shouldn’t really be here, but nobody else is helping me or giving any support at all, so it’s here now.

It looks like Autodesk removed that script around Max 2012. Are you using a new(er) version of Max? If so, you’ll need to find another way to create the ragdoll. There are probably more current tutorials out there but I’m not enough of a Max expert to help more than that.