3DS Max Seams from Unity Cubes

*In Case someone needs a hands on approach to help

I asked a question not to long ago about why my textures where messed up and it was because of the uv mapping of my object. So I looked into it and it seems my object has seams I don’t need. Now for some reason, I can not get rid of these seams. They will not disapear


Would anyone know how I should go about removing the seams in blue circles ? It was three separate cubes in unity, I used a mesh combining tool and exported it for material editing if anyone is wondering what this has to do with unity

Fix your mesh. You have hidden or unwelded vertices which break the lighting.

@awesomeausti316 Not 100 percent sure of this because i solved it a while back, i’m pretty sure however:

If you send mesh objects with different positions to the graphics card, unity’s precision is not high enough and the actual vertex positions in the graphics cards, the seams, will not be the same. hence you will see seams inside the graphics card.

If you put all your cubes on 0,0,0 and instead change their vertex positions to the positions you want, and send them all to the graphics card, they will not contain seams.

AFAIK i solved the issue after some time and puzzling, perhaps waster 50 hours to solve it, becaues i was told that my problem was inside the game engine not the graphics card.

So… keep all cubes on zero zero zero, edit their vertex positions, rewrite all the vertices to the new positions you want the cubes to be in, there should be no vertex differences sent to the graphics, because correct vertices, same object position, please confirm, ive done it with terrain and the seams completely vanished. if you send different object positions, same vertices, unity makes seam errors. the seam positions in the graphics card differ microscopically.

Its a weird error inside Unity that no one else than me knows about because i am a lame coder who never managed to code a game but i know so much about everything.