3ds max to unity

hi is there a plugin or a script to import asset from 3ds max to unity with one click, like GOz work for 3ds max and zbrush?

You just drag the files into the project folder, when you've got unity open that is, It's that easy :)

it's not just that easy.... I'm having issues with Unity moving a pivot point to the lower left of the center of the model.... animations play fine, but when it comes to controlling... it looks like it's moving in place, and no matter what code I do it decides to fly straight up yes I know Y and Z are flipped, no matter WHAT I do in code or exportation it does this, I believe because of the pivot point Also, when I change the pivot point there's two of the same model stacked on top of it.

have you tried to centre the pivot point in the 3d software your are using?

In 3DS MAX you should create objects from the front view if you are going into Unity. This does not correct the rotation -90 issue but your orientation will be correct. However, what if you don’t want to bother with all that up front? How do you fix pivot point issues and such. There is an original pivot and an edited pivot in Max. You can use the “affect pivot only” in Max but if you do much in Unity you’ll find this does not solve your issues completely. The best option is to have the correct original pivot. This can be done by creating a simple primitive in the front view, zero out the coords so it’s at 0,0,0, then convert to poly, delete the element and attach your model mesh to that object so your new original pivot is that of the simple primitive (don’t forget to name your mesh correctly now).