3ds max to unity3d with textures.

This is frequently asked question but I didn’t get my problem solved , when I export the 3ds max model to unity3d with textures with embedded media . unity3d does not show up textures . the model is uvw mapped.

Check the Materials folder in the folder where the FBX is located. Is everything there? If yes, just drag the Material on your Model and save it as Prefab, as always.

I fought with this same problem for days. The only way I got this to work for me is to apply the material directly to the objects polygon without UVW map. So the only thing in my stack for each object is editable mesh or polygon no UVW mapping modifiers. Then make final adjustments to the texture in Unity as shown in this video. I also had to set the polygon material ID different for each material.

Here the tutorial, If there is a better way please post in reply thanks!

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