3dsmax Import Problem

Hi everyone! I've asked a friend of mine to make a small textured ship model to test it into Unity. I imported it correctly (just created a directory inside Assets named "Models" and put the .3ds in there; then created a "Texture" directory and put ship.jpg in there too) and Unity imported it with no problems. In the preview window in the inspector I can see the model fine... but in Scene Editor and in game... the model appears with some textures transparent... I can't see the cockpit for example but I see the textures under it.

Here's a picture: http://img228.imageshack.us/i/3dsmaximportproblem.jpg/

Do you know what's the problem here? Thanks a lot! :)


The easiest would be to share the fbx so that we can have a look, I would suspect it's likely a problem of fbx export import settings,

Do you actually have transparent portions on your ship or should it be 100% opaque?

Depending on how the ship was built, maybe the uv are incorrect,

-- what technic did you use for texturing the model in max, what uv modifiers etc etc.

-- have you tried to reset xforms on your model as well?



It's hard to tell, but judging from your picture it looks like your using the Self-Illuminated Diffuse Shader for the materials. On a side note, it's better to use the .Max format to import 3dsMax models or even use the .fbx import/export Plug-in. With the Fbx Plugin you could include the textures by using the "Inbed Media" Feature.