3DText with ShaderLabs-3DText.shader blurry under Win

Unity 3.4.1

I used ShaderLabs - 3DText.shader to display Text in my game.

After changing the Font to “Arial unicode” in 3DText.shader and reconnecting al the parameters as explained (unify wiki), on Windows Runtime the 3D Text gets very blurry, on Mac everything works still correct.

The blurryness is related to the font size of the 3dText object. Try to change it to some large number, like 50 or something, and then scale down the charactersize appropriately, until the text becomes the actual size you wanted. You’ll notice it becomes much clearer. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer.

I want to use “Arial Unicode” wich includes many asian signs. The size of the font itself is 23 MB. I increased the size form 24to 36. With a font size of 36 a Texture size of 8192 x 8192 results.

It looks like I have to decide between blurry texts in Windows or dynamic Font wich is rendered over all textures.

But I am still confused why on Macs the font will be rendered in good quality and on Windows not.