3rd person controller does not go with the animation.

i have a 3rd person controller and i am still making a game where my 3rd* mount on the animated block ** and the block should take my 3rd* to another platform/place. I am attaching a video as well incase you don’t get me what i mean, down below.

If you notice my 3rd* legs in my video after walking/running for around 3 sec they stuck and don’t animate, if you would have any suggestion please tell me , if not its alright. ***

'* = 3rd person controller

** = the block is animated by a simple way which is the unity animation function. The above function works perfectly fine with my 1st person controller

*** = Optional

The video please have a look at it

thank you for the community support.

If I understand it right, you want the player to follow the platform when he is over it. My suggestion is to detect when he collide with the platform. Once he collider the platform you add the player as a child of the platform. Maybe this can work. Hope that this helped. Take care!