3RD Person Shooter Questions

Hi there and thanks for looking. I have a couple of questions about how this would be set up.

When you have your character i know that you make sure he is facing in the cameras direction, But how would i make my characters arms look where i am aiming and when i am no longer aiming allow the arm to relax. If this is not the correct way of doing it i would love to find out how :slight_smile:

Is there any tutorials or websites that will allow me to get a better understanding of things like Quaternions, eulers etc. I can programme no problem at all but when it comes to movements it just tends to confuse me. Any other information about 3rd person shooters or any math related things i would love to know.

I would love to try and achieve something like ratchet and clanks character controller system.

Thanks Guys :wink:


If you can access your characters arms as bones (so you have a transform), you could try to use transform.LookAt(…)

Reference transform.LookAt

That’s what came in my mind first, but it’s a first way you could go.

For quaternions: wikipedia - quaternions

I hope, i was able to help you.