3rd Person Slasher possible with unity?

Hello! I am wondering if it is possible to create a game with unity that is simular in concept of gameplay to the Legacy of Kain series, like soul reaver, blood omen 2, 3rd person slasher like with swords or attacking NPC's. Creating puzzles ect..

I've been looking everywhere for aan easy to use engine that I can create this type of game with.

Have there been any other games made with this engine that have gone commercial?

You can, but it making a big game is never easy, and if it is then there's something wrong. It will take a lot of effort what ever engine you chose, unless you chose a gamemaker type engine.

If you can do modelling, animating, and a bit of Javascript/C# or pair up with a programmer, then Unity is the most likely the best engine for you. There's a character controller, and Unity has joypad support and great flexibility in anything you do.