4.0.0 Mesh Edit events?

I've been playing with a new idea on how to utilize ProBuilder to build parametric objects. I want to essentially record actions conducted with probuilder so they can be modified replayed later with different values.

Going down that line of thinking I was looking to see if there were any kind of Events that I could hook into the API in 4.0 but I couldn't find anything.

Is there any way I would be able to track these actions? Ideally without modifying ProBuilder source doe.

Yes, in the upcoming API there are callbacks pre and post mesh modification.

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Would there be enough information to determine what utility was used, or only that the mesh has changed?

Is this callback available in the staged 4.0 preview? If so, could I get a nice little tip about where it is so I can play with it? :smile:

Something like which edge/vert/face was modified so that one can get the triangles from it could be useful too.