4.0 shuriken: particle collision with GameObjects


I’m trying to make a gun throwing liquid using the particle system from unity 4.0 (shuriken I think).
So the particle system is on-set, the particles are bouncing on world objects, I activate the gun by pressing “fire1” and when released it stops firing.

Now I need the particles to push objects with rigidbodies. I have found the OnParticleCollision function, but I think it’s only working on the legacy system.

function OnParticleCollision (other : GameObject) 
	var body : Rigidbody = other.rigidbody;
	if (body) 
		var direction : Vector3 = other.transform.position - transform.position;
		direction = direction.normalized;
		body.AddForce (direction * 5);

Does anybody know how to apply force to an object (with a rigidbody and collider) when it is hit by a particle ?
Any tutorial, link, code example, piece of advice is welcome !

Thanks in advance.

We are actively working on collision messaging ATM and with any luck it should go into Unity 4.2. With this you will be able to add forces to rigid bodies on particle collisions. I will be sure to add a doc sample that does exactly that.