4.3, Animation Event in Animations from Mixamo

Is it possible to set Animation Events in animations from Mixamo? I see the animation component for game objects, but I’m not sure how to implement that with Mixamo animations run through Mecanim.


FIXED! Or solved.

I went wrong because the Curves/Events need to be added in the “Animation” window, which has to be opened while selecting your characer in the heirarchy, not in the Animation Import window when dealing with the rigging of your character import.

Also, the “Optimize” feature can’t be turned on, and should be turned off before you bring your model into the heirarchy, as changing this setting later won’t change your in-game model.

Lastly, to see the animations (and to use events) the animations must already be present in the Mecanim Animation Controller & the functions must be present in your scripts and attached to your gameObject.