4.3 messing the animations


I ve created a new animation within editor itself( just a rotating cube ), and instead of adding an animation component and a NORMAL animation, it adds an annoying animator.
Animations are not working anymore…not to say about alpha animation.

Is there any workaround? I HATE and DONT like the animator, esspecialy for such simple things… I dont feel like I need to use a whole animator system for a cube rotation.

(I think i will downgrade.)

You can still use the Animation component for something so basic. Just make sure your animation is set as a Legacy animation. To do this:

  1. Select your animation file in the Project window.
  2. In the top right corner of the Inspector window, select Debug from the drop down menu. (It’s next to the Lock icon.)
  3. Change the Animation Type to 1.


You need to;

  1. Add the Animator component to the GameObject
  2. Create an AnimatorController in the Asset View
  3. Add the AnimatorController to the the Controller Variable of the Animator Component
  4. Select the GameObject
  5. Open the Animation View, with the G.O. selected
  6. Add a new Clip and Animate as normal
  7. This Clip will become the Default Animation within the Animator View

If all you are doing is rotating a cube you could just create a simple script to do it and not mess with the animations at all. I don’t know if your cube example was just an example or not. Maybe your animation is more complicated than just rotation. I do a lot of animation just by simple scripts.