4.3 shuriken OnParticleCollision wont call despite tons of research/practice

Hello all,
I have done some extensive reading on this subject, pouring through forums, unityAnswers and Googling my butt off, but I have had no success with calling OnParticleCollision for the shuriken system. I have setup a flame-thrower type ability for my first-person controller, and a primitive cube with it’s default box collider. I can get the actual particles to collide and bounce off of the cube’s collider. Now ive attached a script to the cube and followed the general instructions found on the documentation as such:

public class FireReciever_script : MonoBehaviour {

	private ParticleSystem.CollisionEvent[] collisionEvents = new ParticleSystem.CollisionEvent[16];

	void OnParticleCollision(GameObject other)
		int safeLength = particleSystem.safeCollisionEventSize;
		if (collisionEvents.Length < safeLength)
			collisionEvents = new ParticleSystem.CollisionEvent[safeLength];
		int numCollisionEvents = particleSystem.GetCollisionEvents(other, collisionEvents);
		int i = 0;
		print (numCollisionEvents);
		while(i < numCollisionEvents)


I have tried changing the box collider to trigger and back, placing the script on the particleSystem instead of the cube, and also tried changing the cube to trigger and back with script on particleSystem, but all to no avail. even a single print statement isnt called, telling me the OnParticleCollision method is not being called at all. not sure what ive done wrong; all this searching and coming up naught has me frustrated.
just to be more detailed, i have also tried changing the ‘other’ parameter in GetCollisionEvents to gameObject to represent the object the script is attached to.

[EDIT] World collision instead of planes has been set as well.

Well it seems you have done everything correct. So try stripping away everything unnecessary, or start fresh.

Start with a new scene. Add one standard Particle System, and one Standard Cube placed above it so the particles hit it and enable the collision in the particle system.

With only those gameobjects and this script it worked for me:

public class TestParticle : MonoBehaviour {

    void OnParticleCollision(GameObject other) {

Expand from there if it works.