4.6.2 64bit Does Facebook SDK work?

Just saw the blog post on Unity 4.6.2 with 64bit support and it’s really great news!

The post however stipulates that

WebRequest/WebClient API is currently available but not functioning. Anything requiring asynchronous sockets through Delegate BeginInvoke/EndInvoke currently doesn’t function. We will address this in an upcoming patch release.

I am about to implement Facebook integration into my app and expect that this problem means that The FB SDK will not work.

Never having done the integration before I don’t want to be stuck trying to get it working if it’s currently impossible. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, what are the chances of the way that the SDK is implemented having to be changed to support these changes in Unity? I obviously also don’t want to do the implementation now on 4.6.1, just to have to redo it in a week or two on 4.6.2 if there are changes.



The Facebook SDK for Unity does not depend on the WebRequest/WebClient API to function. Try deploying the latest Facebook SDK to a 64bit iOS target using the IL2CPP setting for Scripting Backend. You should see no gap in functionality.