4.6 (b17/20) web builds no longer working !!!

Anyone else experiencing their webplayer builds either not loading at all or loading with mostly missing gui textures? Any solutions from Unity?

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Same issue.

Looking at the "\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Unity\WebPlayer\player\info.plist" it says...


Perhaps a final release coming soon?

My web builds also stop working mysteriously, i have a build that i know worked a few days ago and it suddenly stopped working?

Might be a player issue, did it get updated in recently?

I'm getting the same issue. My web builds don't work anymore :(

Same issue here. This is bad because our game is mildly viral with 20-30k hits per day. Ive gotten about 500 bug reports from kongregate so far and theres nothing i can do! Any thoughts on a temp fix!?

Yeah we're live an viral as well...

i've pinged people internally with no response, i'd do something if i knew what to do.

Adventure Capitalist, I assume? (your name gave it away). Idle Conquest here, we cant even get the game to load, at least your UI partially loads =P. Hope this can get sorted out soon or someone from Unity can tell us how to fix it!

phil-Unity, any word back? We're dying here! =(

My game Idle Conquest is completely down after going viral and it's been down ALL day, not just an hour or so. There's no word for Unity on what went wrong or what we can do on our end to fix it up. No announcements, no reassuring replies to this thread. Frankly I'm mad. Our launch was already rocky and this may destroy our game completely.

Yes, we used a beta build. But beta usually means that there are glitches here and there you should expect and, as I programmed my game, we have worked around all kinds of little glitches. However, complete destruction of project files and game builds = ALPHA builds. Plus the build we used was called a "fully tested stable build".

I would like some sort of response here because my game is being ruined every damn minute those players open it and see that it's not working, so excuse me if I'm feeling highly disgruntled.

The offline web build also doesn't work. Nothing should have changed with the client right? Very weird...

Repost from the other thread, I didn't see this one already had traction ;) :

If you check the release channels on the webplayer (say, on unity3d.com/webplayer) there is no longer a channel for the 4.6b20, you will instead see a channel for 4.6f1.

Someone updated something early. Posted about it on the beta list, and submitted a bug report, but It was already after hours euro by then. hopefully someone works it out in the morning!!

Awesome... So the problem is with the new version of web player. All my old builds using 4.6.17 and 20 are messed up too. Hope this is going to get fixed soon. I know this is beta, but it new updates shouldn't break old builds.

same thing here!
thanks god, i'm not the only one. was about to crack.

pleeeaaase fix it :)

same problem.. PLEASE FIX IT....

Sorry for the troubles, we'll get it sorted very soon.

Should be back on 4.6b20 again. Sorry for the troubles.

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That was fast! I'm wondering what was the issue, since the local webplayer plugin wasn't updated?

Update: ...at least it wasn't manual update.

There was a switcheroo happening with the Beta channel for the player which we reverted. Totally my fault and am sorry for that.

Side note: Using a beta build for production has a higher risk of us breaking your stuff!

While in development we fiddle with features, APIs and other compatibility breaking changes. So things made with an earlier beta build might not run on a future version and a rebuild on your end will be necessary as witnessed yesterday.

i have the same problem, the RC1 update broke the webplayer again :(

(the game was built using b20)

Should i rebuild using rc1, or is a possible fix on the way?