4.6 button does not have correct touch location

Hi, I am building a ui using the new gui system. None of my buttons are overlapping in ANY WAY, but they are positioned right next to each other. The touch input is not being received for the proper button though. I will click one button, and the button next to it gets the click event.

Is there something in this new system that covers actual touch location, or some sort of margins for the click event that would be causing this behavior?

This might be a bit late but I’ll add some things to look out for, for future reference.

Check if the transparent parts of your buttons are overlapping.
Unity doesn’t seem to check whether the area you clicked on is transparent or not. I imagine it’s because that would be relatively expensive to do from a performance point of view.

To check the borders of your button, just select the button in the inspector and then click on the UI mode in the top left (it looks like a square with a circle in the middle). You should be able to see your button’s border.

Apologies if this over-simplifies your problem or misses the point completely.