4.6 Canvas elements too dark (white renders as grey)

Hi all, my first question here.

I’ve got a canvas in my scene, but every element that has a color is displayed darker in the scene than it actually is.
White is grey for example.

I tried materials of the UI section, but the only thing that worked was Unlit/Texture, but there should be an option for this in general instead of putting a material on every element.

Any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance.

I noticed that using Panels have automatically a transparancy in their Image Component. You can turn this up.
An Image object had standardly the opacity of the Image Component on 100%.

You can fix this by changing the source image of your panel from “background” to “none”

@jezietmeniet It is the alpha channel that makes it a darker color than expected when selected with the eyedropper tool, just as @Mmmpies has suggested. Use the eyedropper and the alpha channel is the bottom of the 4 sliders.