(4.6 UI) Event Trigger - Pointer Exit - Not being detected if mouse moves too rapidly & calls PointerEnter

I have two triggered events, for PointerEnter & PointerExit.

Works perfectly fine, unless the mouse flies past the UI image too quickly, resulting it detecting PointerEnter, but NOT PointerExit.

Is there any easy way around this? I’m a bit surprised this breaks so easily…

Don’t use OnPointerExit.

In OnPointerEnter, trigger a bool in Update() or start a Coroutine, to constantly check each frame until the mouse Is no longer hovering over the image.

I recently came across this problem as well when I was implementing an inventory.

In the end, I solved it by using a short HighlightManager object that is called from the OnPointerEnter and OnPointerExit methods of the highlighted UI elements.

The manager keeps track of the currently highlighted object and unhighlights it if another one also wants to be highlighted, thus an OnPointerExit Event was missed.