[4.6 - UI] Force GUI to render on top

Hi guys,
I have currently stumbled upon an issue I am not sure on how to resolve related to the new GUI system introduced in 4.6.
What I am trying to do is to have a piece of GUI rotate (Large white circle, with halo), while displaying a piece of text on top of that. The problem is, i can’t rotate the GUI without rotating the text as well. I can’t reorder the GUI layers because that will cause the GUI text to be rendered below the large white circle. Can I somehow prioritise an order if the objects are on the same level, or is there another approach for this?

Obs: I am not interested in splitting the halo with the large white circle into two separate sprites, as that would force me to increase the size of my texture atlas.

The images below explains my situation. “CreditsButton” is the white circle, with the halo, while CreditNames is the text i wish to be displayed on top.

alt text
alt text

You chould either do order in layer of UI or try to move the objects you want on top to be first in the canvas heirarchy.