[4.6 UI] how to move a button *AND* its anchors ?

Hello Everyone,
Am still not used to the new UI framework and and kinda a bit confused on how anchors work, for now i want to know if there is a way to make the anchors move relatively to their “owners” not the parent of the game object, in the GIF below i move the button and then was forced to move each of the anchors manually, is there a solution for this ?
alt text

PS: i can move anchors and button at the same time using the shift button, but only when the anchors are all “connected” together, what i need is to make the anchor stretched on the actual game object (i don’t know why when i choose the preset streched option it stretch the anchors to the parent)

Thank you

Hold Crtl and Shift then drag anchor

Place the anchors to the center of the button, for example.

Then press Ctrl+Shift and drag one of the anchors slowly by mouse, this way everything (button and all its anchors) will be dragged simultaneously.

Hi, you can put your button inside a panel then add a Layout to this panel, ex: “VerticalLayout” : like this the button will be fixed with the Anchors also, and the job is done.