4.6 UI - overriding order / depth

So in 4.6 UI, the decision of which UI element is drawn on top of another depends on the hierarchy, but I’m looking a way to override this.

I have an inventory panel, displaying a bunch of items in a table. Each item has an image, which doesn’t overlap other items. In addition, each item has a text component that is displayed when hovering the item, and this component does overlap other items. I want the text component to always be on top of the item images, even other items.

So the hierarchy would look like this:

Image 1
  Text 1
Image 2
  Text 2

And as such, Image 2 will be on top of Text 1. How do I override this so that all Text elements are drawn on top of all Image elements? I tried modifying Z position but it didn’t help. In NGUI this would be easy by setting the Depth parameter of Text higher than that of Image.

Edit: Here’s a screenshot of the problem


The bow & it’s text are Item 1 in the hierarchy above, and the uzi is item 2 (it’s text is disabled)

I don’t know any method to change that drawing order, the only solution I can think of is using only one text box at the end of the hierarchy and displaying and moving it over the hovered element.

You don’t need to instantiate a popup every time, you can use the same and just move it and change the text according to the hovered element before showing it.