4.6 UI "Slider" jumps on handle press?

Note - in fact this has been fixed Nov19 per Runevision @ Unity


they say the fix should appear in a patch

The slider handles do not work - if you “grab” them, they jump to that spot.


It seems to be the default behaviour as long as your slider is interactable. I guess this is because the interactable is on the slider so the whole box is acting.

If you untick this on the slider component, then it won’t jump. But it won’t do anything anymore either…

Then it seems to be up to you to create a script where you will perform the movement yourself, using IBeginDragHandler, IDragHandler. But then you also need to update all of the information of slider bar and values and so on…

Mine works exactly as you have suggested it should by default :o I’ve uploaded a little test build for windows (.exe) here if you would like to test it, I’m not sure what is causing the difference though, I have the older 4.6 I believe as opposed to the 5 beta if that is it?