4.6 UI transfer between Menu pages

I’m having a hell of a difficult time figure out this new damned UI. I’m working on a quest log. Say the player clicks on the “Active Quests” button, it shows the active quests. Then the player clicks on “Completed Quests” then it should get rid of the active quests and display the completed quests instead. I can set each page up fine, but i’ve been having a hell of a difficult time getting it to properly transfer between the two.

I’ve tried using setActive but this is too unreliable because some parts of code could be trying to call from an inactive object. So this is out.
I then tried using Canvas Groups - and that seemed better but for some reason once I set up the active quests with it nothing would work. It was all there, was active, but just wouldn’t take any input. And yes, interactable was enabled.

Can anyone please give me an example or somewhere to go with this? It’s driving me total bonkers.


You can ask in the Beta group, where our developers could help.

There’s an article about this in the Unity Manual now: UI How Tos / Creating Screen Transitons.  It includes a sample ScreenManager script that should cover most of the functionality you’re missing.