4 or more dimensional list

I want to make a 4 dimensional jagged list(may end up being more than that). Not sure how to write it… my idea did not work. Any ideas of how to do this, i tried searching but didnt turn up anything. I like this idea since you will have outer shells that you can search through and refine the search from there inwardly, rather than just adding a ton of values in a 2 dimension list(and needing to make them unique). In my current case i have 3 shells and then a boolean.

/Theme/ Each theme has x amount of levels

/Level/ Each level has x amount of achievement values

/Value/ Each value has a boolean to determine newly achieved


Im sure its possible, not sure how to tackle it.

dude, should you possibly just go to a database?

once you use mysql this all becomes easy …

regatrding what you say, i, personally - bear in mind my simplicity and idleness - would just use “object oriented programming” as academics in universities call it…

Make a nice class “level”.

get with the “List” structure – if you are not familiar with it, get with it.

your “themes” would just be a List of Levels

class Level { huge amount of complex stuff here, 1000s of lines of code }

var oneTheme:List.<Level>;
oneTheme = new List.<Level>();

x = new Level ....  1000s of lines of code here to set up a specific level, say the "meat factory" level
oneTheme.Add( x );
go to repeat;

You can see that oneTheme would end up containing 100s of levels, as you choose.

incredibly you could them abstract our Theme and make a higher grouping, like “metaverse” or something, cntaining 100s of themes.

I really think simply “List” and using a class is your friend.

Alternately, get with mysql.