4 questions for character developers.

Okay my first question: is where can i create my own custom character and weapons? I know there's 3d max but it seems to me i have to pay for that.

My second question is:how do i connect a weapon to a 3rd person character?

Third is in the build for a character they have animations. How do i get the animations and how do i apply them correctly. All i need is some simple ones like walk, run. idle, shoot, and jump.

My last question is: If anyone has made a sword and has all the scripts and everthing attached can you lend me one. I'm trying to create a game that's main charcter can switch between guns and a sword.

Although Lipis is right, questions should be focussed on a single topic, I can get you started by addressing two of them.

First, there's another Question about: Which free 3d Modeller to use?. I'll give you a hint - the answer is Blender. If you're willing to spend 50-100 hours learning the basics, you will be able to make some simple animations with Blender (and that's not a joke about the time. It's a complex program. :)

If you do decide to go with Blender, see the FAQs from the Forums:

External Tools FAQ and Getting Skinned Animated Models from Blender to Unity

And I may get modded down :) but yes, I'm going to suggest reading the Unity Manual - it has sections on Importing Models, Using Character Animations, and so on. It won't tell you how to make an animation, but it will explain how to import and use them.

For an intro into making Character Animations, see Blender Tutorial:Character Animation, as well as Making a Gingerbread Man and Animating the Gingerbread Man. That's another few dozen hours work. :) Really... If you think something like walking is simple to animate, wait till you try it. :)

And I just noticed, on the Sidebar, someone else's question about weapons: Equipping Weapon to a Character.. So if you look at the other Questions, use the Search, and click other Tags of interest, you may find a lot of questions you didn't know you had, already answered.