4 rotations WTF

Okay, I’m trying to figure out why my rotation of my object in script has 4 rotations!

X,Y,Z and something else. XYZ = 0, the something else is 0.7f;

So if I do Debug.Log(transform.rotation.ToString()); I get 0,0,0,0.7f.

is this something new I never heard of? Because I can’t for some reason get a.transform.rotation = b.transform.rotation; to work at all.
(I’ve used that way for awhile now).

I’m on 5.3.4

Rotation is represented in quaternions. As the term “quaternion” already suggests, these are four dimensional numbers. Read the wikipedia article if you wanna dig into the math. If you don’t, just remember to never assign values directly to transform.rotation (except the case in which you would want to copy the value from another transform.rotation). Use methods like Rotate() or RotateAround() instead.