4 Viewport Rendering - Please Help a Noob Out


I'm an absolute noob to anything Unity related and I hope this is the right place to post my question. I recently purchased a StarVR One headset in order to check out it's ultra wide FOV. The StarVR was designed to handled 4 Viewport Renderings. There is this demo which has a version especially made for the StarVR One called "ShowDown" it uses Unity 4.0 and was released by Epic games.

You can few the ShowDown demo on this Youtube link -

My question, does anyone know if there is other 4 Viewport Rendering demos, games or app within the Unity family. I've done searches but maybe I'm not using the right search word in order to find more demos or even a game which has 4 Viewport rendering in order to test with my StarVR One headset.

Any direction toward finding content would be appreciated or you tell me exactly what search term I should use because I've already tried "4 Vieport Rendering Demos, 4 Camera Rendering demos" and other similar search terms and up with nothing.

Thank you


If you check this page they say it works with OpenVR (SteamVR).
So use that and it should work