4.x Licensing & Activation FAQ

Hi guys,

As with the 3.x Licensing & Activation FAQ, here are a few frequently asked questions that should help you in solving your Activation issues, on the most part.

How many machines can I install my copy of Unity on?

Full-price Unity license is good for two simultaneous installations per seat. This is a courtesy service so that you may run Unity on both your laptop and desktop computer, for example. It may only be used by a single person, however, and not simultaneous usage by multiple people. Reduced price academic licenses will have a single activation, only.

I need to use my license on another machine, but I get that message that my license has been “Activated too many times”. What should I do?

You’ll need to “Return” your license. This enables you to return the license on the machine you no longer require, which in turn enables you to reactivate on a new machine.

How do I “Return” my license?

On the machine you wish to migrate from, navigate to the License Management Window from inside the editor,

click ‘Help’
Click ‘License Managment’

Then click the Return License button. It’s as easy as that!

My machine has died and I can’t “Return” my license, what can I do?

If you do not have access to the machine your license was activated on, you can now return activations via your web store account

  1. Go here: Unity ID
  2. Log in to the Unity account
  3. Go here:https://store.unity3d.com/
  4. Click “My Account”
  5. Add License

Click “Activations” and then “Disable all activations” on the license added.

My account credentials aren’t recognised when logging in during the Activation process?

Please ensure that you have confirmed your account. If you are sure your that it is confirmedd, please make sure the details are being entered correctly. Passwords ARE case sensitive, so ensure you’re typing exactly as you registered. You can reset your password using the link below:

Can I use Unity 4.x with my 3.x Serial number?

No, you can’t. In order to use Unity 4.x, you’ll need to upgrade to a 4.x license. You can do this Online, via our Web Store. https://store.unity3d.com/shop/

I’m planning on replacing an item of hardware and/or my OS. What should I do?

As with changing machine, you’ll need to “Return” your license before making any hardware or OS changes to your machine. If you fail to “Return” the license, our server will see a request from another machine and inform you that you’ve reached your activation limit for the license.

I have two licenses, each with an add-on I require, how do I activate them in unison on my machine?

You can’t, unfortunately! A single license may only be used on one machine at any one time.

Please read the FAQ before contacting support@unity3d.com, as most Licensing cases are pretty trivial. Please let me know if you feel something that hasn’t been covered here, ought to be.


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