400 Bad Request with Unity 2018.3.0b6 & Facebook Login

I downloaded the latest Unity beta to test out some of the fixes that accompanied it today.
However, whenever I try and login using the FB API (7.10.1) I get a 400 bad request in the IResult.

Nothing with my login code has changed and I triple checked my user token with the Facebook token debugger.

Note that this only happens in the editor. I built the application out to WebGL and was able to log in just fine. I did make sure my api key was input into the Facebook settings.

I’ve been working on this for hours and I’m not able to find as so much as a warning that pertains to this issue.

Anyone else getting this issue?

We have same problem did you find anything?

We have the same things and I already report to Facebook but they did not recognize that facebook sdk not working with unity 2018.3 and later

I’ve solved it by:

  1. Go to your Facebook Developer Account
  2. Select your games
  3. Under product menu (on left side) > choose Tutorial
  4. Choose your platform
  5. Click Next Until there are some fields that is required to fill > just fill it
  6. Problem solved

Goodluck! sorry bad English