4k 360 Video plays on Editor but not on Android

Hey so I have another problem. I have a menu scene which loads the videoclip into the VideoPlayer component of a gameobject with DontDestroyOnLoad method. Then I load a new scene and in the Start function of an empty gameobject I play the video. The problem is : video is not playing on Android, only a black screen is shown, but on the PC Editor it works just fine. Any idea? Thanks.


So, are you sure your Android device supports 4K video decoding?

and check device log for errors,

Has anyone figured out how to detect if a device supports 4k video other than trying to play it? I'm making an app that had to download the video and store it locally. I want it to download 4k video if it supports it and download HD video as a fallback. Hopefully, it doesn't have to download both versions and then look at error callbacks to determine this, as there are a lot of videos and downloading takes a long time. It's Android only so that makes it slightly easier hopefully.

Have you figured it out yet ?? Trying to do the same thing here..

No, I ended up just making assumptions about certain devices. But if I had to do it, the best idea I came up with was to download a tiny test video at 4k and attempt to play it. Pretty sure the VideoPlayer Error event fires in cases where the device doesn't support 4k video and then you can parse it.