4k data limit on wwwform post?

On my iphone game I’m using WWWForm to send trace data to a url. Is there a 4k limit on the size of a request on ios?

If my trace data is above 4k I get “The network connection was lost” error coming back from the WWW request.

Is this a known limitation? I’ve read that there is a 4k limit on cookies in ios. Does WWWForm use cookies?!?


You can upload more than 4k via WWWForm(), even on iOS, just tried it. I’m streaming a 25k file like this (inside a coroutine):

WWWForm postForm = new WWWForm();
postForm.AddBinaryData("theFile", buffer, localFileName, "text/plain");

WWW upload = new WWW(uploadURL,postForm);        
yield return upload;

if (upload.error == null)
   Debug.Log("Upload done: " + upload.text);
   Debug.Log("Error during upload: " + upload.error);

Could it be your web server? I know I’ve had to adjust max. Allowed content settings on my IIS server to allow large pictures to be uploaded.