4TH TIME: Skidmarks Are Not Working!

I am using the alternate physics model from the car tutorial, and it says 'to use this drag a car prefab and skidmarks prefab into the scene for it to work, but the skidmarks are not showing up. They work in the car tutorial but not in my scene. What's happening here?

I just had the exact same problem, but finally got it figured out. Sorry if this is bringing up a dead topic, but when I searched for an answer on google this page came up, so perhaps it will help someone else.

The position of the prefab has to be at 0,0,0. Otherwise it apparently creates the mesh at a postion that is + whatever it happens to be(way off). I had just dropped the skidmark prefab into the scene. No matter what I did they wouldn't show up, I tried making them wider, changing the offset etc. But simply changing the position of the prefab to 0,0,0 is what fixed it. In the future I think I'll be dropping such prefabs into the hierarchy rather than the scene.

You must also copy the Skidmark material to your Assets. The material is copied separately from the prefab, and includes the material file, the shader and the texture. Find all the skidmarks.* resources in the car tutorial's assets. If you have copied the Skidmark prefab only, then the material is probably missing so the mesh is generated but won't be rendered.

When including the prefab in your scene, ensure that the material is properly configured at the prefab's mesh filter. You can use the car tutorial project for guidelines.

Other than that, the Skidmark prefab works properly, you can see it working here (I've taken it from the car tutorial to my project).

Thanks man! I spent more than 5 hours trying to figure out what is going on… :frowning: