4x longer compile times in Unity 3.1 (compared to Unity 2.6.1) - is this normal?

I have a 8.000 lines C# script in my project (mostly declaration and GUI code): it compiles under 5 seconds with Unity 2.6.1, but takes 23-24 seconds with Unity 3.1. This poses a serious workflow problem, as I work on the script all the time.

  1. Is this something all Unity 3.x users have to deal with, or is it just my case?
  2. Is there anything I can do about it? (editor settings, ...)

P.S.: To run the Unity 3.1 editor I use a PC with Win 7 64-bit on a quad core CPU and use MS Visual Studio 2010 to write my scripts.

You could take advantage of the new DLL linking that game with 3.1 (secretly in 3.0) and divide up your 8000 lines of code into different projects so you dont have to recompile everything all the time.

It will most likely structure your code better as well as you get a clear overview of your dependencies :)