5.3 SceneManager.GetSceneByName bug?

The following method works and loads the scene.

But sceneToLoad is null why?
Is intended? wasn’t supposed to give back the scene?

public static void LoadScene(string sceneName)

	Scene sceneToLoad = SceneManager.GetSceneByName(sceneName);




at least this way seems legit to me, but it also returns -1, even all the scenes are in my build settings:

public void LoadRequestedLevel(string levelName)
		int nextLevel = SceneManager.GetSceneByName(levelName).buildIndex;

Does anyone have a fix for this alreay?

That makes no sense. If sceneToLoad is null (because there is no scene with that name), you would get a null reference exception at line 6 where you access the name of the returned scene object. So line 7 won’t be executed if that’s the case.

Since you said the scene does load that means GetSceneByName does return a valid Scene object.

What i could imagine what happens is that you have a static member variable also called sceneToLoad which of course isn’t changed since you declare a new local variable in line 5. The variable “sceneToLoad” only exists inside the LoadScene method.