5.4.0b6 - baked lightmaps and a realtime light

I've been struggling with using baked lightmaps and a real-time light. There is a link below to a post I made in the regular GI forum. I am questioning my workflow, but there is definitely something wrong. Working through that problem I went back through all of the 5.x releases and the results varied widely. These screens are from 5.4.0b6. In the 2nd one you can see the lightmaps/AO on the ceiling remains in tact. However, every surface that is facing the directional light is effected. In 5.4.0 at least the maps/AO are still visible, as opposed to 5.3.2 where they disappear completely. The last image is what I am hoping to achieve. Also, I'm developing for WegGL so precomputed GI isn't an option. What is going on with this? Is this the whole mixed lighting problem?

2514286--174109--bake_only_01.jpg 2514286--174110--bake_only_02.jpg 2514286--174111--Untitled-3.jpg

Yeah, try setting the light to mixed.

No, that didn't change the results or fix anything. I guess I meant the problem with mixed lights not working. Really, there are lightmaps flashing on and off with ANY amount of directional light. Is no one else having trouble with this?

AFAIK you cannot mix baked and realtime light since 5.0, which is a big issue. There are plenty of complaints about Enlighten, which they’re trying to fix.

We are working on having mixed mode and indirect only baking working in a 5.4 beta very soon. Thank you for your patience.


Absolutely, thank you for your reply. I’m delighted to hear it’s upcoming in this beta cycle/next release!

Hm. Would lightmap data generated in 5.4.x beta work if brought into a 5.3.x project, by any chance? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like i judged too quickly, thanks!

I hope we get this working because using realtime lighting everywhere is not fun, even for a small level