5.6.0f3 Particle system in Edit mode is creating garbage?! (~0.5 MB/s)

I noticed that somehow the RAM usage of the Unity Editor is increasing drastically, even while not playing the game. This happened when I modified some of really basic (50 max particles) particle systems. Normally Unity takes up to a half gb, but when I was done with the changes (~10 mins) it rised to nearly 1gb.

Another thing is that I need only to select the particle system, watch it play and it increases Unity’s RAM usage ~500 kb per sec.

Here I have a gif attachement which shows the problem.

Has someone else discovered the problem too and is this a unity bug?

Thanks in advance

I just tried to duplicate the issue in one of my projects, and did not see a significant spike in memory or CPU when I simulated the particles.

A bit more information may help here.

  1. What kind of specs is your systems running?
  2. What are the settings in the particle system?