5.6.1 missing method `NavMeshBuilder.ClearAllNavMeshes`

It appears that NavMeshBuilder.ClearAllNavMeshes is missing from the current Unity version as of 5.6.1. According to the docs here, it should be callable, but isn't. The method exists on UnityEditor.AI.NavMeshBuilder.ClearAllNavMeshes();, but our team needs it at runtime.

Is there an ETA for patching this functionality? Our team needs the ability to wipe all nav meshes on the fly at runtime (currently using a workaround with tracking NavMeshes, but this would help tremendously).

Actually upon further investigation UnityEditor.AI.NavMeshBuilder.ClearAllNavMeshes(); seems to not be working at all with the new API.

Got an update from Unity for anybody running into the same issue. Apparently NavMeshBuilder.ClearAllNavMeshes does not exist. It only exists on the editor (so it's a documentation bug).

Oh come ON, seriously!? This method still 'exists' according to the documentation in 2019!

How on earth am I supposed to clear baked navmeshes without that useful method?