5.6 released


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Today we’ve released 5.6, which completes the Unity 5 cycle. You can grab it on the download page (or as a torrent) and read the release notes.

This release brings you:

  • New 2D tools and 2D physics improvements and features

  • Progressive Lightmapper in preview and light modes

  • NavMesh system with improved pathfinding and AI

  • GPU Instancing improvements and Compute Shaders

  • Support for Vulkan and experimental support for WebAssembly

  • Debugging and interface improvements for the animation system and UI components

  • Updates to the Particle System and improved performance

  • New Post Processing Stack

  • Physics debug visualization and exposed physics depenetration functions

  • New video player allowing 4k video playback and 360 degrees videos

  • More options in Collaborate

  • TextMesh Pro (later with native integration into Unity)

  • Added platform support: Facebook Gameroom, Nintendo Switch, Google Daydream and Cardboard

You can read about these highlights and much more in the blog post.

As always, remember to back up your projects before downloading the latest version of Unity and check out the release notes. If you encounter any issues, please let us know by submitting a bug report. Future patch releases for fixes will be found here.

Thanks again to all the users who helped with testing and giving us feedback on 5.6 while it was in beta! Notice that we’ve locked the 5.6 beta forum, so please create your new threads in the appropriate sections of the Forum.


Torrent release.

Upgrading NUnit 2.x -> 3.x is described here https://github.com/nunit/docs/wiki/Upgrading

The launcher is currently pulling earlier versions of the content packages which may have errors, see post.



Can't wait to see all the new things coming after 5.6, Hopefully you guys get C# 7 rolling and .NET core. :)


Waiting for 5.7... :P


Waiting for 5.7... :p
You might be disappointed then because I've heard that 5.6 is the final release of Unity and apparently they are going to be going with something like 2017.x or 2018.x to fit more with the subscription model... but hey if they continue to 6.x they should release C# 6 with it. ;)

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Waiting for 5.7... :p
There will be no 5.7, 5.6 is the end of Unity 5X! Everything going forward will be 2017.x or something like that.
And HOPEFULLY we'll get that awesome tilemap editor that they've been teasing forever in preview builds... I hate programming slopes or checking for sub tile collisions, I cheat and use physics as why reinvent the wheel?

Also... just make the dark theme the default UI for unity... I'm blinded every time I open Unity... so I use a simple hack to get the dark theme :p


I was joking. Anyway, whatever the name, the next version should be interesting.


Can you guys please have dark theme in personal? I like the dark theme since it's easier on the eyes and not blinding. And it's just a theme, other software like IntelliJ/IDEA platform has dark theme for the free version as well as a light theme. A theme should not be locked to one thing unless it's a limited time offer or something.


since this is your first post, this question/request are forbidden fyi :)

and to unity team, congrats.
But really, the known issues list scared me :s
Now unleash the 2017 beta :smile:

Does anyone know if the new Video Player component supports Rewind functionality? Currently, it looks like the playback speed only goes from 0 to 10. Rewinding would be much appreciated. If we can do it through scripting that would be nice.


The themes are a visual way to identify what version of Unity (free or not free) people are using. They cannot be changed; even the people using the non free versions of the engine cannot change their (dark, too dark in my opinion) theme.
Sure you can; Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Editor Skin

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Scared to upgrade cause there's normally a ton of bugs.....

wonderful, Unity is the best Gaming development company , i love you so much, you doing great job by supporting us .
keep Going , and i can't wait to try the new version .


You guys might want to add "Updated NUnit to 3.0" to the list of changes. That's a breaking change for anyone who was using it; they changed their API quite a bit in 3.0.


ya! I was definitely thrown by the change to the expect exceptions functionality! Switched from a metadata to a method!

Instead of [ExpectedException(typeof(Exception))], one must now

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Yeah I ran into the exact same issue and was thoroughly confused for a while. I didn’t know NUnit 3.0 even existed. :sweat_smile:

No you can't; it's greyed out.

No you can't; it's greyed out.
I mean if you have Pro, you can switch to the light skin if you want. I was responding to "even the people using the non free versions of the engine cannot change their theme".

Anyone know where the new Navmesh system is? I thought is was supposed to be a new set of components. But I'm not seeing them anywhere.

It would be AMAZING if you bring back the Torrent download of unity.

The low-level system is included in 5.6, but the components are not included in the release. To access the high-level components you to download these components directly: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/NavMeshComponents

Without a package manager in the Unity editor I feel that features like this and the updated post-processing stack are very easy to miss and people complain about outdated mechanics or missing features in the engine. When it turns out there are updated/better versions, but they are just not part of the base download they are very easy to miss. Hopefully, 2017 will have a package downloader that we use to keep up-to-date on these external packages. This could then be used to directly hook into these external repos and allow them to iterate on them without new Unity versions and allow us to clone/merge from these repos within the editor.