5's scripts performance broken?

Although I didn't made any real detailed tests, from what I see in 5's profiler my scripts take even 10ms in my imported project from 4, when in 4 they took about 1-2ms, and it don't look like script-specific problem, my all scripts run much slower than in 4, so Im confused. But on positive side I like the way profiler works now, much more consistent( there are no more single huge spikes ).

Hello Roni92,

could you please send us a bug report with your project included, so we can check the issue? There shouldn’t be any degrade in the scripting performance, so it might be something specific to your project or a nasty bug that we will fix for an upcoming beta.
Btw, if you happen to send the bug report, please share with me the case number so I can promptly give the bug a loot.