600 character limit in comments


People, this web page is named “Discussions”. If somebody asks a question, and I answer the question, and they comment with a follow-up question in a comment, then I can’t really answer if there’s any complexity to the question whatsoever. No room for Discussions!

Both this and not being able to post code in the comments makes the entire comment feature really bad. It’s also cramped, too small text, and just generally poorly thought through. I could post a Reply, but the Q&A nature of the site makes that seem like a reply to the original topic, not the comment.

It’s almost like what’s actually good for Discussions is a forum, not this web page.


I agree that the comment feature of this site is needing some improvements. However, if you need to continue composing a response, you could always do a series of comments. It is inconvenient though.
As for it being too cramped I again agree, but to sort-of fix this issue you can drag the corner of a comment to expand the area.

It’s those little lines that almost look like the internet thing at the bottom right corner.
I hope Unity decides to improve this feature.

I also agreed. :+1: Community have to make it6 unlimited.