64bit game build won't run on other people's 64bit PC (Unity 2019.2.11f1)

I’m using Unity 2019.2.11f1 Personal to create a 2D app. I’ve built the 32bit version using Build Settings > Target Platform: Windows > Architecture x86. The 32bit version works on mine and other people’s PC.
I built a 64bit version using Build Settings > Target Platform: Windows > Architecture x86_64. The 64bit version works on my PC, but it doesn’t work on any other person’s PC. They are also running 64 bit systems. I don’t understand why the game can’t run on their systems, but has no problem on mine, even though we’re running the same systems?
For what it’s worth, I’ve also disabled the “Display Resolution Dialog” option in the Player Settings.

Edit: I sent them the entire build folder. When the .exe is double-clicked, nothing happens. Nothing in the task manager, nothing in the background.

Sharing the solution to anyone who might encounter the same issue:
Recompile the program using a different Unity version. In my case, I recompiled the program using Unity 2019.4.1f1 using the same settings (Build Settings > Target Platform: Windows > Architecure x86_64).
You’d still need to send the entire Build folder.

Thanks user @andrew-lukasik for the suggestion!!

You must send them the whole output folder, where the .exe file is.
The exe will run only in the output folder.
Or you can create an installer, which will contain the whole folder,
I hope this helped.