64x64 2D Tile-Based RPG Sprites don't seem to look good in Unity?

So, I’ve played around with Unity for a few years now and I’ve decided I want to make a tile-based 2D RPG. I started making some designs just to get an idea. I made a building interior based 64x64 pixel tiles and I was pretty pleased with it. However, I’m finding that Unity doesn’t seem to play well with that style of graphics. I simply can’t get it to look good. By the time the orthographic camera is scaled so that the whole room is visible, all sorts of weird things start happening. Lines on the images get doubled up, other weird lines appear stretching across the image. I really don’t want to have to look for another engine because I’ve grown familiar with Unity, so it would be great if I could get some advice on what the problem might be. Maybe I just need to scale up the tile resolution by a few times?


I often run into this problem but by setting filter mode on the texture to point it will fix itself. The weird lines is probably z-fighting which is from to objects being to close so move the objects or try setting the clipping planes near value lower on your camera. Hope this helped! To @Zyrac.