i am making a level for my 3d level design class. its a neat little detailed opera house and when i put in in unity it gives me the your mesh has 65,000 verts and cannot be displayed warning. i have tried a few things for solutions but no success in my trys. the things ive done is

1:Combine parts of the level and export them in pieces. (this has made certain areas pop up but not all)

2: deleted edges and verts that were obviously unnecessary but didn’t go in depth with the search

3: delete all history/non-deformer history and optimize scene

is there something im missing or must i just break up the scene even more i have done about 4 pieces at the most so far keeping ares below 30 to 50,000 or am i sadly gonna have to delete things

65000 verts/poly’s is a LOT.

Try breaking up the mesh in a lot of smaller entities, at around 10k polygons each, and try to make sure that not too many of them are in view at the same time.

Unity has a feature thats called “Occlusion Culling”, basically it allows unity to not render mesh you cant see, unless its one large mesh.

so, it should work, if you break it up and make sure that there’s not too many polygons in the view at the same time, alternatively you could make all the nice details with normalmaps and such :slight_smile:

Could i see the model perhaps, a render or something, im a 3D modeller myself and i always like to see what other modellers have made :slight_smile: