8-bit Sprites

I am totally new to Unity. I am looking into making 2D games and choosing a platform. I really like the look of Unity because it outputs nicely to all devices and seems to be gaining a lot of popularity.

I want to make an 8-bit style game (think NES/ZX Spectrum/C64). As these games have a very low resolution (256x192) I need scale that up on desktop or tablet. I have got as far as setting up for 2D project and adding a sprite that is scaled to fill the window by setting the orthographic camera size to half the sprite height.

Is it possible to avoid anti-aliasing ie keep this sprite ‘crispy’? I have read in other questions the answer is to use a point filter with a texture, is this possible with a sprite, if so how do I go about this, can you outline the steps in the IDE?

Are there any good tutorials or guidelines for creating a pixel-art based game in Unity?

Thanks community!

I would like to state a few things which i found in this post:
NES, (don’t know about That other one.) Have a native res of 256 x 224, not 256 x 192. =)

the next thing to achieve this.

Use Point Filtered texture imports (The NES only does sprites and background nametables btw.)

also there are a deal of unityFree render to camera textures you can find on the interwebs.

Use a RenderTexture and a another camera. make a renderTexture, make another camera, put the renderTex on the mainCamera, and put the renderTex on a plane or quad. Then use the settings and pixelate it to the resolution.