8 bpp TIFF images are not supported ?

We have a set of 8 bpp TIFF images which are designed to be an special kind of single-channel textures for our model. For some reasons we couldn’t import them into the Unity, no any texture import settings are work. There are messages in the Console:

“Could not create texture from .tiff: File could not be read”

At the same time our 24bpp TIFFs are exported just fine (e.g. normal maps).

To this time I could not find in Unity documentation any notes about TIFF import restrictions. So is this a bug or Unity actually doesn’t support 8 bpp TIFF ?

Thanks in advance!

PS Unity versions are 4.3.3 and 4.3.4

This 8bpp tif loads into Unity without any problems.

alt text

The image provided by Graham Dunnett loaded normally, it seems that our ones are “special” in some ways, will try to investigate this more.