[8bitdo zero controller] Get D-PAD Events (Android)


I recently got an 8bitdo zero and found that Event.current.keyCode.ToString() gives the following values :

    // 8bitdo zero controls
    // Keycodes :
    // JoystickButton0 = A
    // JoystickButton1 = B
    // JoystickButton2 = X
    // JoystickButton3 = Y
    // LeftShift = L
    // RightShift = R
    // Return = Start (middle right button)
    // Pause = Menu (middle left button)

(added because it may help some other)

But I cannot find a way to get the DPad events. It does work because it allows me to control my phone (navigating in menus) but no event seems to show. (note : GetAxis(“Horizontal”) and vertical gives nothing)

Does anyone has a solution ?

Thanks in advance

It may be a standard problem with controllers on android :

but the dev of “rewired” plugin for unity seemed to be able to implement the 8bitdo zero support in its plugin. If any one of you got an idea. Please tell me. Thanks

same shit all button works i 8bitdo zero but not dpad

i am facing a little bit different issue, in my case dpad is working but i am unable to make a click event.
Any solution ?